Advertising Opportunities for CABA World Series


Media Guide Ads

The printed full color, 8.5″ x 11″ media guide will contain information about CABA, Cheyenne and regional area attractions, a page featuring each team entered in the tournament, and tournament schedules.  The media guide will be distributed to every team coach and player, college or pro scout, and official attending.  It will also be sold at the gate for all attendees to use and keep as a souvenir of the tournament.

Deadline for ad submission is July 7, 2107.  Ads should be High Resolution Press Ready PDF.  With bleed, the sizes should be:

Full page:  8.75″ x 11.25″

1/2 Page:  8.75″ x 5.75″

Business Card Sized:  3.75″ x 2.25″


Inside front cover- $2000

Full page ad- $1000

1/2 page ad- $500

Business card sized ad- $250


Submit all ads to:

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World Series Family Pass Sponsor

Each World Series Family Pass is printed on weather proof stock and hung on a lanyard.  The back of the pass has ad space for eight (8) businesses.  Approximately 800 family passes will be sold for the event.  Attendees are encouraged to use the coupons and featured businesses on the back of the pass.

$1000, limited to eight (8) businesses

Banners- 6′ x 9′

Banners are full color and hung in the outfield at Powers Field and Pioneer Park.

Package A     $2000.00

*One banner hung for Mustangs Regular Season and for CABA World Series

Package B     $2500.00

*Two banners, one at Powers Field and one at Pioneer Park, for Mustangs Regular Season and for CABA World Series

Mustangs Regular Season Banner     $1000

World Series Tournament Banner     $1500

*Mustangs Regular Season- May 1- July 31

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Starting Line-up Sponsor

Feature your business with live PA announcements as the starting line-up sponsor.  “This game’s starting line-up is presented by….”, “Thank you to this game’s starting line-up sponsor…..”

All pool play games, August 5-10th     $500

Final Friday and Saturday bracket games, August 11-12th     $750

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Pitching Change Sponsor

Feature your business with live PA announcements each time there is a pitching change during the game.  “This pitching change brought to you by….”

Pitching change sponsor for an entire game- $500